Songs For Advanced Players

These songs are more complex than those in the Intermediate Level and should provide students with some more challenging material for developing their sight reading and chord comping skills. By now you should have a better idea as to how you can start to write your own material.

Again, the more rhythmic elements combined with a wider range of note and chord choices means these pieces, hopefully, will be more musical than the Intermediate Level songs, which had to have restrictions imposed on their form to provide a smooth transition from beginners pieces to these more advanced songs. These pieces will sound best if the chords are taped or played by another guitarist, while the student sight reads the melodies. It is very important to stress that the idea is to sight read the pieces, not to memorise them. Just start from the beginning and work through the whole piece. I hope you enjoy these songs and get satisfaction from developing your own compositional skills.

P.S if anyone wishes to perform these pieces in public or add their own lyrics, they are welcome to do so, but please remember they are Copyright material and my permission must be sought first.

  • Thera
  • Big Bad Boogie
  • Too Much Blooze
  • Somba Samba
  • The Tower
  • On The Level
  • Senorita Zorro
  • One Misty Morning (pdf)
  • Deja Blue (pdf)
  • Ain't It a Shame (pdf)
  • Lullaby Blues (pdf)
  • Johnny Be-Bop (pdf)
  • Thinking of You (pdf)
  • Summer Rain (pdf)
  • Sunny Samba (pdf)
  • Shape of Things To Come (pdf)
  • The Winds Of Time (pdf)
  • Silent Knights (pdf)
  • The Congo Bongo (pdf)
  • Slow Dancing (pdf)
  • Serene Dream (pdf)
  • Destiny (pdf)
  • Possies Dreams (pdf)
  • Romantique Rendezvous (pdf)
  • Back To The Blues (pdf)