On The Level

A Jazzy Blues Theme with Solo's

On The Level is a simple jazz blues theme based around the "A" Blues scale. What I have attempted to do with the improvisation examples, is to show how other scales, such as the Whole Tone, Diminished, Augmented, Super Locrian & various Intervalic Patterns can be incorporated into your solo. What soon becomes clear, is that certain bars (like bars 4, 8 & 12) will allow you to incorporate these "Outside" scales & yet still retain the blues quality and feel of the song. When you are comfortable playing these solos, try to come up with some new patterns of your own. This is where you will really get the most benefit and increase your improvisational knowledge.
There is a cheezy midi file on the theme page to give you an idea of how the theme and improvisation examples go. (It does does sound a whole lot better played on a guitar with some backing believe me !!)

  • On The Level (Theme)
  • On The Level (Impro 1)
  • On The Level (Impro 2)
  • On The Level (Impro 3)
  • On The Level (Impro 4)