Songs For Intermediate Level Players

These songs, are similar to the beginners songs, however the range of notes used and timing are more complex. The idea is still to provide material which contains simple melodies over typical guitar chord progressions. Obviously the more rhythmic elements combined with a wider range of note choices means these pieces, hopefully, will be more musical than the beginners songs, which had to have restrictions imposed on their form. The student should find these pieces a logical progression from the beginners pieces. Slightly more challenging, the student must be able to use alternate up and down picking and be comfortable with all notes in the first position. The pieces are also very good for those wishing to improve their sight reading skills in the 5th position.

Again, these pieces will sound best if the chords are taped or played by another guitarist, while the student sight reads the melodies. It is very important to stress that the idea is to sight read the pieces, not to memorise them. Just start from the beginning and work through the whole piece. I hope you enjoy these songs and get satisfaction from developing your reading skills.

  • Juliette
  • Baroque Again
  • So Shall It Be
  • Blues in A #3
  • Blues in A #4
  • Charades
  • So Shall It Be #3
  • Spanish Dancer
  • It's Been So Long
  • Iraq n Roll (pdf)
  • Bar Room Boogie (pdf)
  • Trip To Zenith (pdf)
  • Sometimes (pdf)
  • Space Samba (pdf)
  • Strut'n (pdf)
  • Apache Reign (pdf)