Notes & Rests

Note Value Classical Term Note Value Modern Term Note Duration Equivalent to:
Semibreve Whole Note 4 Beats 4 Crotchets or 2 Minims
Minim Half Note 2 Beats 2 Crotchets or 4 Quavers
Crotchet Quarter Note 1 Beats 2 Quavers or 4 Semiquavers
Quaver Eighth Note 1/2 of one Beat 2 Semiquavers
Semiquaver Sixteenth Note 1/4 of one Beat 2 Demisemiquavers
Demisemiquaver Thirtysecond Note 1/8th of one Beat 2 Semi- demisemiquavers

Dotted Notes & Rests

In order to increase the value of a note or rest, a Dot is placed after it. This has the effect of increasing the value of the note by half as much again. eg a Dotted Semibreve would have the equivalent value of a semibreve and a Minim. a Dotted Minim would be equal to three Crotchets or three Quarter Notes. a Dotted Crotchet is equal to 1 1/2 Crotchets or 3 Quavers. A Dotted Quaver is equal to 3 Sixteenth notes etc.... The same applies to Dotted Rests except that where you have a note being held for half as long again, with Dotted Rests you have Silence.