The Intervals chart on the left below is probably one of the most useful tools a guitar player can have. The chart simply represents the guitar neck (right handed) with the interval relationships plotted on each fret. It does not matter what fret they are on as they all refer to the Tonic (1) which can be any note you choose. If you refer to the Chord Formulas page you can pick any chord formula and quickly find suitable chord shapes to play by matching the intervals in the chord formula to the Interval Chart. eg using the formula for a Major 7th chord 1 3 5 7 you can easily find the following chord shapes in the chart on the right.

It is important to realise in the interval charts above that the flats can also be sharps. eg a b3 can be #2, a b5 can be #4, a b6 can be #5 and also that a 9th is the same note as a 2nd, an 11th is the same as a 4th, a 13th is the same note as a 6th. Refer to the two octave scale below.

Ok, so now lets try some other more complex chords to make sure we've got it !

Major 7#11 Dominant 13th Dom7#5b9 or 7b9b13