So why have you decided to learn how to play the guitar ???

This question must be asked to establish what it is you expect to achieve by spending many countless hours practicing and learning the skills required to master this instrument called "The Guitar".

There are many different styles of music & each one requires a different approach to the instrument. Only one thing remains constant, and this is your "attitude". Guitar Players must be dedicated, have an open mind & above all be patient!! Those who are in a rush to become "The fastest guitar player in the west" usually give up or become too frustrated by the gradual learning curve required to really understand and become a competent player of not only the guitar but any musical instrument.

It is important to establish what your goal is, do you simply want to be able to strum a few basic chords to accompany a country or folk song, play classical or flamenco guitar, or do you want to be able to construct your own chords, write your own songs & play fluid lead solos in a fusion/rock/jazz or blues band ???

The possibilities are endless, the only thing which will make you reach your goal is your own effort & determination,nobody else can do the work required except you .

The information in these pages is nothing new, musical theory has been around for a long time. What is relatively new, is that more and more guitar players are becoming masters of the instrument. Taking the instrument to greater and even more challenging heights than was ever thought possible. To really take the Guitar to a higher level of appreciation and performance, requires that the player understand where all of this musical history has come from and why the musical scales and chords are the way they are. Only then can the serious player tread new ground and create something entirely NEW !.

For me, I am always listening to players trying to find some new music which inspires the soul. Unfortunately, most of what we hear today has been done many times before, and usually the original creator of a particular style still sounds better than the players who are simply copying these early original players.

I hope that by providing a resource for Guitar Players who want to understand musical theory, that they will go on and improve their skills and ultimately become truly creative musicians.

On the other hand, there is also nothing more boring than watching and listening to Guitarists who take themselves too seriously, the music can be serious, but also there must be fun and excitement within it !! If the band is having a good time then you can guarantee that the audience is usually having a pretty good time also. So balance the equation when you play, leave some room for having fun, remember that Playing is exactly that, a time to Play, interact with others and always keep your sense of humour !! Life is too short to be serious all the time, besides laughing is good for you!!

So after all that, enjoy the learning as well as the Playing and Have Fun !!

My son Leon, showing me a few new tricks!