The chords below are the essential basic chords that you must learn in order to play any song on the guitar. In fact just knowing these few chords will allow you to play literally thousands of popular songs. Musicians like Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Cat Stevens and Pink Floyd have written many famous songs that just use a few of these chords.

Some of the biggest Hits are very simple songs that may only have 3 or 4 chords in them. What makes them popular is the catchy melody or message that the song is expressing. Complicated chord progressions do not always represent good song writing.

These are "Open Chords" which means that there are strings in the chord that do not have any fingers on them.The Open strings (which have a circle on top) can be strummed as the notes are part of the chord being played.

The numbers inside the black dots represent the recommended fingering for each chord. It is important to note that there are sometimes strings which are not to be played while playing a particular chord. These strings have an X on top and the notes of these strings are not part of the chord and are meant to be left out.