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Download Page

Welcome to the Guitar Theory Resources download page. Below are the zip files which contain all the files that make up the Guitar Theory Resources site,, and other update zip files which each will fit on a floppy disk.

Firstly though,I would like to thank you for purchasing the Guitar Theory Resources complete offline reference library. You now have membership rights to return here at any time to obtain zip file updates of the site. To update your offline site with future zip file updates, just unzip them in your GTR folder and overwrite any old files with the new ones. Updates will be added every few months so be sure to drop by occasionally.

As you would be aware, many many hours of work has gone into developing the Guitar Theory Resources site, from writing the material to creating every Gif image, and composing the sight reader songs . This site is a work in progress and will continue to grow as I add new ideas, music and theory resources to it.

After downloading the Zip files just create a new folder on your hard disk called GTR and unzip all files in that folder. Then open your web browser and open the file index.html. You should now be able to navigate the complete site offline without all those pop up geocities windows !

Please respect my work by not copying any of the files you have, or giving others your password to access this download page. Any unauthorised distribution of this work is a breach of International Copyright Law.

Guitar Theory Resources

Download Zip File File Size 1.02MB Floppy Disc 1 1.16MB Floppy Disc 2 Update 1.0MB Floppy Disc 3