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For Sale: Fender Stratocaster Elite 1983 model 100% USA Made

Price: $2500 Australian Dollars
Australian buyers only, preferably in Sydney area. If in another state buyer will organise their own shipping requirements.

This guitar is in immaculate original condition, no modifications, even the headstock is in mint condition (usually where they get knocked around!) black with white scratch plate, rosewood fingerboard, all USA Made.

This is a rare guitar to find in this condition with lots of features, active pickups, 3 push button pickup selection with 7 possible pickup combinations. Treble TBX and MDX Mid boost controls, top string loading, snap-in tremelo, four bolt adjustable tilt neck with Biflex truss rod, medium jumbo frets on a flatter non-vintage radius neck ( the fastest neck I've ever played!).

A powerful live guitar with heaps of sustain that covers the whole spectrum of possible sounds. Comes complete with flight case (& key), original manual, fender strap and strap locks.

Definately a collectors item and one that will become even more valuable over time. However this baby wants to be played!! Live sound is awesome!! Dial up to 6db gain using the MDX knob and you know you have something special going on!

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For more information please ring Sydney 02 99132607 and ask for me.


John Comino