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CD Spotlight


This new GTR page will feature some of my favourite more obscure guitar albums/CDs.



Leonardo Amuedo         The (unofficial) Leonardo Amuedo web site   The Official Aggressive Attack web site.
Two completely different CDs that showcase Leonardo's extraordinary talents. The first CD is Leonardo's own Angel De La Guardia. Released in 2001, a combination of Latin American and Contemporary styles, all tunes are totally absorbing and thoroughly enjoyable, with more surprises revealed with each listen. Leonardo is a true master of the guitar and plays with great passion, grace and fire. Superb performances from all the musicians make ths a must have CD. Aggressive Attack is an electric jazz fusion album by the young and gifted drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen. Not only does this album have Leonardo blazing on most tracks but Eef Albers solos on the last track too. Some of Leonardo's most inspired solo's are on the live tracks 7, 8 and 9. For the more adventurous listener, this CD delves into more improvised and experimental styles.

Angel De La Guardia
Aggressive Attack


James Vincent
Both CDs combine an eclectic mix of musical styles. Second Wind (1997) is an almost entirely instrumental CD, and takes us into many different worlds; from smooth jazz to funk, blues, fusion and beyond.  Mystery Of Love, his latest 2002 release, consists of 5 vocal and 5 instrumental tracks.  While it has more commercial appeal with the funky vocal tracks (Space Traveler fans will love this one), it also surprises with exciting jazz fusion, neuvo-flamenco and other eclectic influences. Check out the sound clips from his Flash web site.

Second Wind
Mystery Of Love

Eef Albers         The Unofficial Eef Albers Web Site

An all time favourite, Eef can play any style and blisters with the best of them, but none can match his improvisational style and unique compositional abilities. He is still one of the most unknown, undiscovered guitarists of all time, maybe he likes it that way?

Birds of The Night

Shawn lane or
Both of Shawn's solo efforts are worth getting hold of if you can find them. On POT he plays all the instruments including a keyboard driving a drum machine. Both albums are awesome and cover a diverse range of styles. It is Shawns ability to combine the heavy with the delicate that really appeals to me, check out his classical keyboard efforts on 'Piano Concertino' and 'Suite' on POT to get an idea of this guys incredible musicianship. These albums aren't about "Shredding", but about melody, composition, originality and soul. Check out the Shawn Lane classic "Grey Pianos Flying" for a taste of his unique style.

Powers of Ten
The Tri-Tone Fascination